Ark Vision is proud to be appointed as distributor and sales & service agent of established companies. We continue to seek opportunities to co-operate or represent Marine equipment companies in this region.


H. Cegielski-Poznan S.A.

H. Cegielski-Poznan S.A. (short name HCP) is the licensee for MAN B&W and Sulzer two stroke and four stroke marine diesel engines.

Ark Vision Spare & Engineering has been appointed HCP's Sales & Service Agent for South East Asia.  As HCP's sales & service agent, we will be able to supply genuine spares and provide technical specialist support from the Maker.



Fluinamics, S.L.

Fluinamics, S.L., focuses on the environment, and especially in the Engineering and water treatment equipment and solutions. Their specialty is the treatment of both drinking water and urban waste, providing products, design and manufacturing of the latest technologies available.



Gali Group

The GALI air starters are intended for use on internal combustion and gas engines. For their size and weight, these starters are extremely powerful, and additionally feature high torque, high speed, low air consumption and reduced maintenance.

 GALI starters can be operated at a pressure ranging from 3/4 MPa (30/40 bar) as the maximum and minimum working pressures depend on installation conditions.

The rapid response and the high speed of the GALI starters ensure that engines attain their ignition speed virtually instantly, thereby increasing the efficiency of the starting operation. 



Holland Marine Services Amsterdam B.V

HMSA is the designer, producer and supplier of the smallest design Biological Sewage Treatment units, Grease Separators, Grey Water tanks, Ejector type Vacuum Toilet systems and supplier of Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water generators, UV disinfection units, Hydrophore units and the Jets Vacuum Toilet systems.



Magnus Chemicals

Magnus Worldwide Inc. produces and markets chemicals for the Marine, Offshore, Industrial and other industries. Ark Vision stocks and supplies their Oil Spill Disperser, Air Cooler Cleaner, Degreaser, Disclean L.O., Electroclean M, Rust Remover, Fuel Oil Treatment & Tank Cleaner range of products.



Maktec Marine

MaK and MAN diesel engine trouble shooting, repair, commissioning services experts based in UK with global coverage. They support the marine, power generation and offshore markets with their expertise and experience. Led by ex-factory trained management and backed by a global network of unique services and repair facilities. They operate or attend customers' vessels or sites carrying out general maintenance & repairs, fault diagnosis, root cause analysis and investigation surveys. Their services also cover the following:

Trouble Shooting | Supervision | Investigation | In-situ Repair | Chris Marine machining | NDT | Replicate sampling | Fuel Management | Site Management contracts | Service contracts | Reconditioning of major components | Cast repairs | Training | Offshore inspections & surveys | Insurance claim assistance



Northey Compressors

Specialists is Gas handling Oil Free Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Northey Technologies Ltd., UK, specialize in the development, design, and manufacturer of dry and oil-free rotary gas compression and vacuum pumps. They have installed many compressors to Water Reclamation Plants in Singapore.

Ark Vision is the After Sales & Service Agent for Northey Technologies.





PMAX Filters

Washable turbocharger air inlet filters

PMAX filters virtually eliminate the entry of airborne contaminants into diesel engines, keeps boost pressure up and exhaust temperatures down, allowing engines to produce more power more reliably with less risk of burnt exhaust valves and subsequent mechanical damage thus providing:

  • REDUCED Fuel consumption
  • REDUCED Maintenance
  • GREATER engine efficiency
  • LESS Cylinder component wear
  • FEWER health and safety risks
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY responsible

Ark Vision is the main Distributor for PMAX Filters in South East Asia



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